International Journal of Interdisciplinary Innovative Research and Development

Alamuri RatnaMala Institute of Engineering and Technology


Volume-02   |    Special Issue-03  | March-2017


S170301 Emotion Based Music Player
Mr. Nilesh Mali, Mr. SatishManje

S170302 Distorted Fingerprint Verification System
Vivek Pandey, Priya Dhule

S170303 Facial expression recognition
Mr.Ankit Sanghavi, Mr. Mayank Mangal

S170304 Web-Based Application for Automatic Timetable Generation
Y Ravi Raju, Mayank Mangal

S170305 Student Information System
Mr. Sushant Gandhi, Mr. Mayank Mangal

S170306 Design and implementation of examination grading system for high schools
Ms. Deepika Dhasade, Ms. Ankita Dutta Chowdhuri

S170307 Pedestrian navigation based on 3D map and mobile interaction
Mr.Y Ravi Raju, Ms.PriyaDhule

S170308 Image Steganography
SushantGandhi, Mayank Mangal

S170309 Hybrid Techniques To Discover Ranking Fraud For Mobile Apps
Mr.Satish Manje ,MsPriya Dhule

S170310 A study on Cost and Costing Models in Company
Assistant Professor Swati Shah

S170311 Accuracy of Transient versus Steady State Forces on a Rudder Operating In a Propeller Slipstream
Ajinkya Jadhav , Rajesh Kumar, Hitesh B. Patil, Abhiram Singhania

S170312 A Study on Satisfaction Level of Employees with Special Reference Textile Industry
Assistant Professor Manjusha Kelkar Miss Bhoomi Ahuja

S170313 Analysis of Boiling Water Reactor Design and Operating Condition Effect on Stability Behavior
Suman Saurabh, Rajesh Kumar, Rakesh R. Poojari,Avinash Kamuni

S170314 Fuzzy Based Speed Control of BLDC Motor
Khaja Mainoddin, Jaya Rajesh V

Rajesh Kumar , Rakesh R. Poojari, Atul kumar Choudhary

S170316 Fabrication of Cylindrical Tapping Machine
Kedar Yeole, Rajesh kumar, Hitesh B. Patil

Devendra Kumar, Rajesh kumar,Abhiram Singhania

S170318 Financial Planning for Salaried Employee and Strategies for Tax Savings
Prof. Uma Durgude,Prof. Hemant Malviya

S170319 Simulation and Performance Analysis of PON for FTTH Applications
Govinda S. Kedar1 , Mehul Patel2 ,V.Jaya Rajesh3,Chandra sekhar Tellakula4

S170320 High Torque Motorized Solar Bicycle
Abhiram Singhania, Rajesh Kumar, Hitesh B. Patil

S170321 Hydro pneumatic Suspension for Tractor Implement
Rakesh Poojari, Rajesh Kumar, Abhiram Singhania

S170322 Investigation of Spent Nuclear Fuel Pool Cool ability
Atulkumar Choudhary, Akhilesh Kumar Gupta, Rajesh kumar, Avinash kamuni

S170323 Milling in Hardness Steel-A Study of Tool Wear in Conventional Milling
Hitesh Patil, Rajesh kumar, Rakesh R. poojari, Abhiram Singhania

S170324 Simulation and Implementation of Predictive Direct Torque and Flux Control of Induction Motor
Srinivasarao Pedaprolu, V.Jaya Rajesh

S170325 Wastewater Treatment Plant Design
Miss Jyoti Gulvi, Milind tapsi