International Journal of Interdisciplinary Innovative Research and Development

Volume-06, Issue-01


060101 Review Paper on Seismic Analysis of RCC Structure with Change in Vertical Irregularities Floor Wise
Gokulesh C. Chopde, Dr. Abhinandan R. Gupta
College of Engineering and Technology, Akola, Maharashtra, India

060102 Seismic Behavior of High-Rise Structure with Coupled Shear wall
Vivek V. Dandi, Prof. A. S. Gawande, Dr. S. K. Deshmukh
College of Engineering and Technology Akola, Maharashtra, India.

060103 Effect of Soft Story on Multi-story Building.
Pawan N. Wahane, Prof. A.S. Gawande, Dr. S. K. Deshmukh
College of Engineering and Technology Akola, Maharashtra, India.

060105 The Effect of Admixtures in Concrete Containing Natural and Manufactured sand
Abhishek A. Umbarkar, Prof. R. M. Phuke
College of Engineering and Technology, Akola, Maharashtra, India

060106 Study and systematic Review of Computer Network Simulation with NS-3
Kiran Sanjay Khanderao, Lokesh S Khedekar
Computer Science and Engineering, RSCE Buldana, Maharashtra, India

060107 Feasibility of Artificial Sand in Reinforced Concrete Structures
Ashish S. Makode, Prof. A. S. Gawande, Dr. S. K. Deshmukh
College of Engineering and Technology Akola, Maharashtra, India

060108 Stabilization of Expansive Soil by Using Polymers
Dr. Bharti Shete, Ms.Pooja Amzare
Civil Engineering Department, Dr Sau Kamaltai Gawai Institute of Engineering and Technology, Darapur

060109 Self-Compacting Concrete with Natural Fibre Reinforcement
Shraddha D. Mahajan, Dr. Bhushan H. Shinde
Research Scholar at JJTU, Rajasthan, India

060110 Establishment the Scope of Work for Interior Designers
Prafull Sadanand Tale,
MITCOM’s Project & Construction Management Department MIT Art, Design and Technology University, Pune, India -412201

060111 Automatic COVID-19 Lung Infection Segmentation from CT Images
Pranav Choudhari, Atul Sonkamble, Nitesh Damdoo, Prathamesh Patil
Computer Engineering, SKNSITS, Maharashtra, India

060112 Horizontally Distributed Databases with Secure Mining
Sharad Bhojane, G. P. Chakote
Computer Department, MSS’s College of Engineering, Maharashtra, India

060113 Improvement In Inventory Management Using Six Sigma

Nupoor Prakash Mathpati, Ajit Jayvir Khushwah,

Department of Mechanical Engineering, Terna Engineering College, Navi Mumbai

060114 A review of Technical & Natural Fiber for Composite Manufacturing in Industrial Applications
Dr. Premsagar D. Bhanawat, Prof. S. J. Ningwal, Prof. A. A. Bihade
College of Engineering and Technology, Akola

060115 Comparative Study of Membrane Bio-Reactor with Conventional Method (Sewage Treatment Plant) – A Review
Dr. Bhausaheb L. Pangarkar,
Chemical Engineering Department, Pravara Rural Engineering College, Loni, Maharastra-413736

060116 A Review: Recycling of Plastic Waste Generated from Food Packaging
Mangesh S. Deshmukh, Nishant Y. Bhore
Lecturer in Polymer Engineering, Polymer Engineering, Government Polytechnic Nasik, MH state, India

060117 Advance Solar Water Distillation System
Payal Kapse, Sanchit Bire
Department of chemical engineering, Priyadarshini Institute of Engineering and Technology Nagpur, Maharashtra, India

060118 Utilization of Minor Seed Oils for Eco Friendly Coatings
Dr. Prashant. B. Shingwekar, A. L. Rathod
University Dept.. Of Chemical Technology, S.G.B. Amravati University, Amravati

060119 Regeneration of Base-Oil from Waste Oil by Conventional Acid-Treatment
A.L. Rathod, P. B. Shingwekar
Department of Chemical Technology, Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University Amravati-444602 (M.S.) India

060120 Devulcanization of rubber industry waste and incorporation of devulcanized rubber into virgin rubber compound
Prof. S. P. Choudhari
Lecturer Plastic and Polymer Engg Dept. Government polytechnic college, Nashik

060121 Khanduchakka (Ehertia Leavis Roxb) A Plant With 100 of Benefits
Sanchit. S. Bire, Yashodeep. B. Salunkhe , Sakshi. S.Bokade, Renuka .C. Rajvaidya
Department of Chemical Engineering,Shri Shivaji College of Engineering and Technology ,Akola, Maharashtra,India .