International Journal of Interdisciplinary Innovative Research and Development

Volume-07, Issue-01

070101 Amendment on Beltroega (Portulaca oleracea L) and its Cultural Amplifications
Tauana Larissa dos Santos Machado, Juliana Audi Giannoni, Pedro Henrique Silva de Rossi
Departament of Nutrition, Faculty of Food Technology of Marília, São Paulo, Brazil.

070102 Covid 19 Pandemic: Lessons to be learnt and Preventive Measures
Dr. Monika Davar,
Assistant Professor, Maharaja Surajmal Institute, C-4 Janakpuri, New Delhi

070103 IoT based Smart Shopping Cart
Miss. Priya G. Peshwe, Dr. C. M. Jadhao, Prof. S. S. Mhaske
Department of Electronics & Telecomm Engineering, Mauli College of Engineering and Technology, Shegaon, Maharashtra, India

070104 A Servey on Image Processing Techniques for Plant Leaf Disease Detection
Mrs. Rane Seema Vijay,
Department of Computer Science, Smt. G. G. Khadse College, Muktainagar, Dist.: Jalgaon Maharashtra, India

070105 Study and Review Business Process Automation using Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
Mr. S. W. Puranik, Dr. Vajid Khan,
Computer Engineering, K.J. College of engineering Management & Research, Pisoli

070106 A Study of Pile foundation and Raft foundation for Different SBC
R. M. Phuke, Shashwat Anil Wankhede
Department of Civil Engineering, College of Engineering and Technology, Akola


070107 Forecasting of Air Quality in Urban Areas using Machine Learning Approach- A Review
Sachin V. Dharpal, Dr. Nitin W. Ingol
Department of Civil Engineering, Prof Ram Meghe Institute of Technology & Research, Badnera (Amravati), Maharashtra – 444701, India.


070108 Effects of Sloping Ground on the Structural performance of R.C.C. Building Under Seismic loads
Er. Aditi H. Deshmukh, Ms. Monica S. Suryawanshi
Department of Structural Engineering, COETA Akola, S.G.B.A.U. Amravati, India


070109 Experimental Study on Self Compacting Concrete Using Bagasse Ash and Glass Fiber
Shrikant Marakwar, Monali Wagh, Rahul K. Watile, R. M. Phuke
Yeshwantrao Chavan College of Engineering, Nagpur (MS), India


070110 Heat Curing Effect on Strength of Geo-Polymer Concrete
P. N. Wahane, R.K. Watile, G.R. Bharsakle
Assistant Professor, Jawaharlal Darda Institute of Engineering and Technology, Yavatmal (MS), India


070111 Effect of Saline water on Compressive strength of Concrete
Mandar M.Joshi, Dr.S.K.Deshmukh
Asst Professor,Civil Engg Dept., Pankaj Laddhad Institute of Technology, Buldana, MH, India


070112 A New Angiopsermic Host of Dendrophthoe falcata (Lf) Ettingsh (Loranthaceae) From Katepurna Wildlife Sanctuary, Akola (M.S)
Gopal N. Dhobale, Sahadeo P. Rothe, Abhimanyu A. Maheshwari,
Research Scholar, Department of Botany, Shri Shivaji College of Arts, Commerce and Science, Akola


070113 Stabilization of Flexible Pavement using Glass Powder as Waste Material
Avani1 , Dr. Arun V. Parwate2
Assistant Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, Meerut Institute of Engineering and Technology, Meerut (India)


070114 Analytical Perspective About Digital Marketing in E–Commerce in India
Prof. Praveen N. Phatale,
Assistant Professor, Rajmal Puglia Institute of Management and Technology, Chandrapur